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Summer Solstice Video #2

For a long, long time during my spiritual practice I steered clear of anything to do with power. I felt like somehow it was less spiritual. I was unsure of how to handle people who really stood in their power – and yes, I might have even been a bit judgmental of them.

The real problem was that I was taught growing up that power was bad and anyone who was powerful was really, in essence, evil. I think that in our modern societies there is an underlying message that echoes how I was taught by my family, that power is bad.

The bottom line was that I’d avoided it for so long, I didn’t understand it.

The Summer Solstice, also known as Litha by the Ancients, is all about stepping into your personal power. Your power to have it all, your power to live your biggest, fullest life possible, your power to thrive, your power to connect, your power to actualize your divine purpose at this powerful time on our planet.

Watch this video about how to step into your personal power. I want to help you reframe power and your alignment to your personal power.

So your personal power is central to everything you want to be, do and have. To your manifestation, your spiritual connection, your healing path and literally every corner of your existence.

Please, take a moment today and spend a few minutes thinking about, meditating on or journaling about your personal power.

Then go leave me a comment about the first thing that came up for you after watching the video. Comment HERE.

See you tomorrow with the last video of the Summer Solstice Series.

Talk to you soon;)

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