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Many times throughout my day I look at my one year old little one, Wesley with gratitude and emotion running over. I almost come to tears when I say, “Thank you for letting me be your mama.”

I sometimes get choked up with gratitude as I watch my three teenage boys do simple stuff like work their cows because I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to raise them into amazing, capable young men that are changing the world already.

I smile my gratitude for every time my husband slips in hand in mine whether we’re outside watching the horses at home for in town. I’m so thankful that we found each other and we have grown together and created our family and life together.

I love going outside every night for a few minutes to reconnect with the endless number of stars and moon at the end of the day, and always feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being here on the planet at this time and being who I am – able to serve, have the life I have and feel so loved and supported by those on both sides of the veil.

There are a million things to be thankful for everyday no matter what your life is like right now.

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We’re at Steamworks, our favorite restaurant, with our four boys last week and our server asks if Wesley, my one year old, who is in my eighteen year old Garrett’s arms at the time is Garrett’s son.

As our whole table busted up laughing – since we get asked this all the time and it really bothers Garrett – I informed her that he was mine and Garrett is his older brother. Now, Garrett looks like he’s in his mid twenties and is great with Wesley, as are all my boys, so it’s hard to blame the server for assuming.

But then, she took it a step further by asking if Wesley and Garrett were from different marriages. We’ve also been asked this a bunch of times before – although I do think it’s rather intrusive and rude for a stranger to ask.

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Happy Halloween!

Today is a day of depth, a day of letting go and a day of remembrance.

I’m going Live around 3pm EST to chat more about Halloween and would love it if you would join me then.

Beyond the candy and costumes and trick-or-treating Halloween has its roots in the Celtic holiday of Samhain and All Hallows eve.

At Samhain our wise ancestors knew that the Veil between the physical and spirit worlds was thin and they leaned into the very powerful application of this time of year.

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I’m a little confused today.

We have this HUGE community and only a few of you have signed up for my Money Block Breakthrough 5 Day Challenge.

DO you really want what you say you want?

Because if you do – and I know deep down that you really do – then why haven’t you signed up???

Do you think you don’t have any money blocks?

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Vegas is a Wake-up Call


I still can’t believe hearing the news.

My family goes to concerts like this. I can’t imagine.

Everyone wants to blame something – guns, drugs, the President, anything – to make sense of such horror and nicely put it in a box over there where we don’t have to take personal responsibility.

The truth is this horror is a wake-up call and not a nice one.

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