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Your heart holds an incredible amount of power in the manifesting wealth.

I know you’ve been told by many people that it’s all in your head. Your thinking is what creates your reality, right?

I’m hear to tell you otherwise.

The biggest power to manifest that you hold comes from your heart.


Your heart holds the most powerful magnetic force field in your being.

SO, in order to manifest the wealth you want, you absolutely have to work on using your heart in manifestation.

Let me know in the comments how this feels to you. Have you been using your heart in manifestation or is this new to you?


How do you really create the things you dream about?

You have faith and you learn to be open to possibility.

In this week’s video I share how these two things create your dreams…even if you’re not sure what those dreams look like!

Has there been times in your life where faith has carried you through and led you to what you wanted?

There are so many reasons to cultivate faith, but the biggest one is that it has an energy of expectancy with it.

You know the Universe is bringing you exactly what you want – now that’s a high vibe feeling that will get things moving your way.

I could talk about possibility all day long because so many people close themselves totally off to possibility which in essence is closing all receiving and all flow of good things in your life.

Staying open and then even stepping into possibilities and opportunities changes the entire dynamics of your world.

Let me know in the comments about a time when faith or a possibility changed your life.


Do you feel gratitude?

No, really…what does it feel like to you?

In this video I talk about really feeling gratitude and a simple place to look for deep gratitude. Read More


I was having another legendary talk with my husband the other night about closing the gap to manifest faster and wanted to share this simple but powerful tip with you.

You know how you really want to make a million dollars and never look back?

You know, that million dollar mark seems like it would be sweet sailing from then on, so why wouldn’t you want to manifest a million dollars?

Watch this to get the answer to why you don’t and how you can manifest faster. Read More


It seems like yesterday when my oldest son changed my mindset with one question. His words felt like a punched to the gut.

He came in one night about three years into me doing my business as a hobby and asked me a question that changed my world and set me on a completely different path.

We had very little money at the time – like we had an empty pantry and were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal type of little money.

Here’s the question that you should be asking yourself, watch HERE. Read More