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When’s The Last Time You Went Running???

When's the last time you went running

Since we’ve already been discussing the consciousness of your competitive drive this week in Notes From The Barn, I thought I’d give you a small challenge this week.

I want you to bundle up, put your running shoes on and run to the end of your lane, the end of the block or once around the track of your local gym, wherever you can.

What was your first thought about doing this?

When my coach handed this down to me last year, I immediately said, “I can’t”. Whatever you said to yourself, right it down and then keep listening to your self-talk as you actually go running and come back.

Off you go…

So what came up for you?

If you run every day and are in awesome shape, great! This exercise will still work for you, you just have to double the amount you run every day to make it hard enough to hear your self-talk.

The first time I was given this challenge I was still wearing a knee brace from tearing my ACL off my Femur.

I thought to myself, “I can’t. I’ll hurt myself. It’s cold outside. I might make it to the end of the lane and not be able to get back. Who is my coach (who isn’t a fitness coach), to ask me to go do something like this so off topic? How would I get running pants on over my brace to go run to the end of the lane? My coach was talking to everyone else; she knows I have an injury. I don’t want to go run anywhere, especially not right now.” I totally resisted and had let myself off the hook for the challenge, and then one my friends called me from the East coast to make sure I had done it.

My friend jolted me out of my resistance and back to the real me… the me that never, ever backs down. And then he stayed on the phone with me, listening to me huff and puff, and shiver and fight, to make it down the quarter mile of my lane and back. I won’t lie, it hurt like a b*#%&!

BUT, I survived it! And that run was really the turning point in my healing process. It showed me exactly what it was supposed to, all my underlying “stuff” that I live with every day.

AND that with a little help from my friend – since we all have moments of stuckness or self-doubt we need to move through – I got the “ah-ha” moment of my duality in thinking, as well as being shoved back to my true self, my heart and soul, and then deciding on the action I would take. I decided to run anyways and be true to myself, and I grew.

Listen to yourself.

Everything you need to know is within you if you learn to pay attention to it.

Because, after all, don’t we all want to make our life decisions right from the heart?

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