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What’s In Your Closet Is Blocking Your Wealth

I walked into my closet today and realized that I had a closet full of clothes I don’t wear.

I’m not a big clothes person, usually a tank top, jeans, and boots kind of girl this time of year.

But it hit me that this whole closet full of clothes was a lingering part of the habit of being broke.

I always kept the clothes I bought because I was worried down deep that I might not be able to buy more clothes when I need them. You know, the kids and everyone else might need things, and I might have to just make do. Have you ever had that kind of reasoning?

Part of my huge transformation from poverty to wealth is due to the fact that I constantly step into opportunities that present themselves.

So seeing this energy still literally “hanging” in my closet was one of those opportunities.

And it was on.

Wesley went in the carrier with his teething necklace attached to keep him busy and my closet was completely cleared.

The clothes to the left are my husband’s and they’re next. You can see I really cleared everything of mine outta there.

Now, you’re probably wondering what in the world this has to do with your wealth and a bit terrified I’m going to tell you to do the same thing to your closet.

Nope. Don’t worry, I’m not.

Although as I claim more and more of my power and wealth, I’m getting rid of more and more things.

So, back to the closet. Why did I do this drastic deed?

I realized last year as I really began to embody my wealth and feel into it deeper and deeper that a lot of my “stuff” was just a burden. It was literally taking up my space and clogging up my vibe and flow.

This is really important for you to pay attention to. When you can start to feel whether something is high vibe or low vibe, in the flow or blocking the flow, wealth and all you desire becomes so much easier.

Having the stress of not having enough money, then having enough to buy whatever I wanted although I hadn’t released it from my body yet (a whole other story about weight and money), and then being pregnant and now breastfeeding, I had a couple things I wore in my closet.

I made 4 piles – throw away, give away, keep and keep for 6 months to see if it fits me by then or I want it.

Within about an hour I was done, Wesley was of course hungry by then anyways.

I physically shifted my energy and made space for more wealth by clearing out my closet.

I was grateful for being able to buy everything that was there whether I used it or kept or not.

I was generous by giving a lot of new clothes away.

And the biggie, I was breaking the habbit of keeping everything “in case” or “because I bought it” or “I might not have what I need” that was part of being broke.

In one hour I raised my vibration, opened up for more wealth to flow to me and more of the clothes I want too for that matter. I obliterated any resistance and old lingering energy around the need to hold on to all that stuff I didn’t love and is perfect for me now.

The Universe and all Universal laws love this kind of big action that I teach in Quantum Heart Manifestation. In QHM, you learn to take real action that changes your world. I’m constantly told how refreshing it is to be doing something that works on all levels instead of just waiting and hoping the wealth you want will show up in your life.

Fast foward 2 hours later.

My phone rang, almost waking up my little guys who had ate and was wiped from my closet clearing, and a couple wants our construction company to build them a $1.2 million dollar house about 10 minutes from our house – bonus! (If you don’t know, we live way, way out in the country, so we usually have a 1.5 drive to most of our jobs).

Fast forward 3 more hours.

My phone rang again 2 times in a matter of minutes, these times my little guy didn’t even flinch. I had 2 mamas decide that they didn’t want to wait any longer for the life they desired and hired me for 6 months of private coaching! Oh, and they both paid in full while I was on the phone with them!

I’m telling you: Make room. Raise your vibe. Open to your flow.

I will warn you that it’s kind of addictive to clear, raise and open your space and see the results so fast.

I hope this gave you some insight on how really simple things done with intention and heart can change things up super fast. I know a lot of you are on the brink of giving up because you’ve tried so hard and haven’t got very far.

Don’t give up mama. You’re ready and absolutey capable of becoming and having the life you desire.

You just need some real, down-to-earth, no-fluff tweaks to make it happen.

Much love.

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