I still can’t believe hearing the news.

My family goes to concerts like this. I can’t imagine.

Everyone wants to blame something – guns, drugs, the President, anything – to make sense of such horror and nicely put it in a box over there where we don’t have to take personal responsibility.

The truth is this horror is a wake-up call and not a nice one.

The weather, the horrific events like Vegas and the fires are all the same energy. They’re the energy of change, of transformation and of a wake-up call to a new way of being.

This new way of being is all about taking responsibility, becoming your soul-self and knowing how to create the wealth and life you want.

Believe it or not, that’s why I teach wealth mindset and manifestation.

See, you’re here to be the change. You’re here to help the vibe of our beautiful planet rise and move into the new era.

I know first hand no matter how spiritual you are, you still have to have money to fulfill your purpose and that the pursuit of wealth itself is one of the biggest incentives to personal growth.

In order to experience wealth you’ll need to raise your vibration and take one hundred percent responsibility, and that my dear friend is a gift to our global community.

So how do we stop the terrible things that happen like Vegas?

You become who you really are.

You raise your vibration.

You seek wealth to promote your personal growth.

You take responsibility for yourself and how you impact the world.

And you learn the art of true connection with yourself, Spirit, our planet and community.

These are real ways that you can help.

Also remember that watching the news and adding to the heavy emotions of any event just adds to that negative, heavy energy.

You want to hold your energy differently. Pray for those involved, those left behind and for the ripples of people affected.

BUT, send your prayers filled with love, the safety, comfort and help that you want for those involved – instead of the fear and sadness you experience.

Next, try looking to the root of problems instead of looking where to project anger and blame.

My shamanic mentor told me about 15 years ago of these “mass ascensions” were going to happen more and more as we moved into this new spiritual era. Noticing that although there is much pain and sadness for those left behind, those involved also have a soul contact on a whole other level. It’s incredibly hard to look at it this way, but on some level before the victims were born into this lifetime they chose their path and potentially chose to leave at that time.

IT’s time mama. It’s time for you to become who you are and start creating the life you most-desire.

I hope this helps. Much love to you.


P.S. If hearing this makes you want to do something about your life and you want to hear that soul wake-up call you’ve been feeling, choose a time to talk to me about working with me HERE (“ANSWERING THE CALL SESSION”).

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