Healing is at the heart of all we do to move towards our desires.

So naturally, learning how to heal more effectively is huge.

And since I injured myself last week, I want to share with you the crucial step to transform any healing process.

I also share how I injured myself and how I handled the first few minutes after my injury.

Oh, and I filmed this the day after my injury when I was pretty much stuck in bed. I had to put my makeup on lying down (so be nice please!).

Watch the video now…

Yes, I know. Yoga. I have been getting tons of teasing over it. Most people, my doctor included, say that I should make up a better story, like that I was bull riding instead of doing yoga!
So remember Рalways take a few minutes to check in and listen to your body. It can totally transform your healing process.

Share something you’ve had to heal and ask me any questions you have in the comments BELOW!

Talk to you soon.

Much Love,

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