I get asked everyday “How do you just decide to jump into something that freaks you out?”.

Literally, I do.

Much of my life and success is because I have this inner courage to look what I fear in the face and do it anyways.

In fact, I now look for that feeling of fear mixed with excitement in myself because I know that Im growing, expanding and stretching myself.

SO how do you feel the fear and still do what is in front of you? The million dollar question right?

You breathe. You trust. You dig deep and just do it.

You can do anything you chose to do. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Say it with me – ANYTHING.

The money and life that you want are waiting for you to be brave. Seriously.

THe blocks, limitations and excused you tell yourself can all be remedied when faced with a little bit of courage.

You CAN do it. What you want IS POSSIBLE.

Here’s 3 ways to find your inner courage:

1. Grow it like a muscle. Courage increases everytime you use it. Every time you flex your courage muscle it gets stronger and easier to use the next time. Even if you can’t fully do what you are wanting to do the first time, just start somewhere and flex that muscle.
2. Imagine yourself being courageous. When I first wanted to start riding horses (long story) I used to imagine myself getting on and riding around. Olympic athletes do this and you actually start preparing your physical and mental bodies for what you are wanting to do this way. Feel what it feels like to do the things you want that take courage to do.
3. Watch and listen to stories of courageous people. A lot of times its easier for us to be courageous when we’ve seen it done and can say “if they can do it so can I”. I love stories of courageous people from William Wallace in Braveheart to Danny in Game of Thrones to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. There are so many stories of courage to inspire us.

Sometimes people wait their entire lives and have no idea that they have inner courage. They pass up opportunity after opportunity. ANd their whole life just goes by with them playing small and never doing the things they want because they are afraid.
Don’t be that person.

I’d love for you to give your inner courage some thought today. It’s SO important to manifesting the life you want and living your purpose.

Think back and see if you can’t find at least 3 to 5 times in your life when you did something that took courage.

Share one or all of these times with me in the comments below.


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