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Notes From The Barn: Talk Nicely To Yourself!

Notes From The Barn: Talk Nicely To Yourself!

Are you your worst critic, your own personal hater or your own personal cheerleader?

The way your life is going could be hinging on how you talk to yourself, whether it’s good or bad.

The power of your self-talk is HUGE!

Not only what you’re saying to yourself, but also how you’re talking to yourself, has deep meaning and insight to how you tick.

If you, like most of the planet, have a negative tone, not nice words and a sarcastic twitch to your self-talk, you may be inadvertently stalling your progress toward what you want.

If you’re talking to yourself lovingly, being supportive and always nice to yourself no matter what the situation, you will be happier, more authentic and on purpose… and much more successful in attracting everything you want.

Watch the video here.

Notice how you talk to yourself today.
What do you say, how do you say it?

How can you improve your relationship with yourself by changing your self-talk?

Leave a comment here letting me know one way you can improve your self-talk 😉

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