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Surrendering To What You Want

This month we’re going to dig into how you create transformation in your life. In order for any change to happen you really have to get chummy with HOW things change.

This HeartDrivenTV episode is about how you surrender to what you want, so you’ll want to pay close attention!

Watch the video and then we’ll chat.

Can you remember a big transformation in your life that you can go back to the time before it happened and the time after it happened?

OK, so take the transformation and try to dissect when the real change happened, when the tide of the way things were changed to the new way.

Now, if you can dig just a little deeper and try to remember how you felt around the time of the transformation.

If you can remember the feeling of how it felt to surrender to what you wanted and allow that change, you have a powerful new tool to use in your life!

I would love to know if you can pin point your moment of surrender and how it felt. If you’d be willing to share, leave me a comment below please 😉

I hope this episode was helpful and you have a fantastic Sunday!

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