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Summer Solstice Video #3

I hate stories that leave you hanging… so I realized after I wrote you yesterday that I left out the most important part of how I began to align with my personal power and I want to share it with you.

I was in high school and had just started working with a shamanic mentor. My intense Taurian conviction – let’s not use the stubborn word – yes, conviction pushed my mentor to the edge in a record amount of time. She finally pointed out that all my cowgirlness came from my warrioress archetype. I still resisted, but considered the truth of her observation.

I knew she was right. My strength, my tenacity, even the way I perceived my life was from a warrioress’ view. My conviction, my never-give-up, my get-it-done-no-matter-what, my long hair blowing in the wind behind me, my get-right-back-up-on-the-horse-that-bucked-me-off…even the way I dressed – long sleeve shirts, cowboy boots, jeans, hat, knife on my belt – to protect myself from the elements was that of the warrioress.

The warrioress archetype became my access point to my personal power and it is a powerful, tangible access point for you too.

To tap into the warrioress archetype, look around your life, Google it, notice it in movies and stories.

See how you feel about that archetype.

And then examine ways that you use your warrioress when your life gets hard.

Your strength, courage, will, stubbornness and sense of accomplishment are all tied to your warrioress and your personal power. Find and learn how to use it.

Then go leave me a comment below about the first thing that came up for you after watching the video.

I hope these Summer Solstice videos were helpful and have opened you up to the idea of stepping into your personal power.

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