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Five Crucial Steps To Starting Quantum Heart Manifestation

Five Crucial Steps To Starting Quantum Heart Manifestation

Imagine having a large library full of hundreds of books, floor to ceiling on your right hand side. Now imagine that you would have to read and fully understand all of them before you could have what you want.

A little daunting, right?

Now, look to your left, and there, within arms reach (and with a little bit of a glow) is exactly what you want, waiting for you.

Isn’t that how it should be, to simply have what you want without the struggle. Because if you’re human, you’ve probably had enough struggle.

Aren’t you ready to create the life you want right now?

Quantum Heart Manifestation is conscious manifestation in the easiest, fastest, most natural way.

I’m going to share with you the five crucial steps to starting QHM, so you can start having what you want, right now.

I LOVE books and learning, in fact, I read about three books a week. So please don’t think I’m knocking reading in any way. I have read hundreds of books on the Universal Laws and changing your consciousness to manifest what you want. What I found was these teachings opened my mind, but fell short of helping me feel like what I wanted would show up for sure.

Over ten years ago, my shamanic mentor pointed out to me that I had a unique way of attracting what I wanted into my life. I started to pay attention to how this showed up for me, and downloaded the process for Quantum Heart Manifestation.

Before we go any farther you have to know for sure that the Universe supports what you want, what will further your happiness, your consciousness, and your ability to help others.

So how do you get started doing this Quantum Heart Manifestation for yourself?

Here are the five crucial steps to start manifesting this way:

First, Expand Your Consciousness

Since you are reading this I know that you already are! Quantum Heart Manifestation is all about growth and movement, so the more you embrace change, expand your awareness and self-heal your “stuff”, the easier this is for you.

Second, Stay in the *Love* Vibration

This seems like a no brainer, but when you focus on what you want it usually is coming from your thinking – your brain – not your heart. Since the heart is much, much more powerful than the brain, it makes sense that you would want to use its energy to draw in what you want.

This is not difficult, and actually feels amazing. It just takes a shift in our awareness, some honesty and some practice until it becomes a habit. Learn to stay in the feeling of love and shift your awareness to your heart.

Third, Let Yourself Be Excited

This just takes a little tweak to your awareness. When was the last time you said to yourself, “That would be nice, but…”, or “I wish I could ____, but…”?

Chances are that over time, no matter how hard you’ve tried the law of attraction or to have great self-talk, you come to a place where you have stopped letting yourself get excited about what you want. Let what you want be possible and allow yourself to be excited.

Fourth, Make Decisions

This is kind of like the “ask” part of LOA. However, when you “ask” for what you want you’re not always making a real decision about it. The Universe loves clarity and speed; so don’t try to slow it down!

Most of the people I work with are out of practice with making decisions. They procrastinate and often times let their circumstances choose for them. You have to decide you want something and make a real defining choice that that is what you want.

Fifth, Minimize Your Lack

When we want something, say money, we often NEED it. Your need is like a boiling pot building up pressure. Nothing can get out so the pressure just builds and builds. With so much pressure absolutely nothing can get it.

I’ve been there, especially with money, and it’s really hard not to be in need when you are trying to survive and take care of your kids. So, I’m not suggesting that you totally find a way to not need what you are manifesting, because that’s probably impossible.

You just have to find some proactive solutions that help you “crack the lid” on the pot to relive the pressure and give what you want a chance to get it.

SO here’s your question…do you want to go the long route or the short route to get what you want?

The shorter route is to follow these five crucial steps to start using Quantum Heart Manifestation.

Let me know what step you think is your strongest and which step might be a challenge for you in the comments!

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