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Where Spirituality Meets The Pavement

Where Spirituality Meets The Pavement

We’re in the second month of 2015 already, if you can believe that! I’m sure you can relate when I say that I still don’t know where January went to, but onward and upward.

It’s a great time to talk about where your spirituality meets the pavement to gain traction in your life.

I noticed a big theme that emerged in the Winter Solstice Power Circle that I want to talk about with you. Many of you keep your spirituality and everyday lives totally separate, thinking that one doesn’t necessarily impact the other.

SO UNTRUE! Your spirituality and everyday life are so intertwined that every little thing directly relates to each other.

I remember vividly when I went through a time where I thought they were separate… I had three babies under three years old, was running two businesses and was deeply immersed in an accelerated shamanism mentorship. I was trying to so much that I thought I had to keep my focus on each part of my life separate to get it all done. I really thought I had to focus all my energy on my everyday tasks and then find the time, when everyone was asleep, to do my spiritual work. I had a heck of a time trying to separate my two identities and felt overwhelmed, fragmented and unfulfilled.

When the spiritual messages and awareness started overflowing into my everyday perspective, that’s when my life took a new direction. Suddenly I had more energy, felt happier and lighter, and had a deeper connection with my toddlers, husband and really everyone that I met. After years of being on a self-healing journey and moving slowly along my path, I felt like I was taking leaps and bounds in moving forward, like you see the astronauts do on the moon. The gravity of my past wounding’s had literally lightened up with letting my spirituality meet my everyday life. My spirituality and intuition also deepened suddenly and I had an epiphany.

When you separate your spirituality and everyday parts of your life, you take the heart out of your life. Your everyday life operates from your three lower chakras and your spirituality operates from your upper three chakras. Everything comes together in the center of your being, your heart chakra, which is also where your soul is anchored.

You’re not meant to be one or the other. You ARE both a spiritual and physical being. And when your spirituality “meets the pavement”, when you start being your entire self, magic happens! When your heart and soul are engaged, everything changes. Your life has more meaning, and it expands into the life you want. All of your connections deepen. You’re happier, freer, and it allows you to live your biggest life possible while lighting the way for others to do the same.  Imagine how you living your biggest life would change the way your kids take on the world when you’re older. Imagine a world where every person was awake, engaged and living from their heart and soul. It would be a very different world, and it has to start with each one of you bringing your spirituality into your whole life and letting your spirituality meet the pavement.

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