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Self-Heal Sunday: Shrugging Off Repetitive Patterns

Have you ever felt like you’re going in circles but not getting where you want to go? That would be thanks to what’s called circular repetitive patterns.

There is no transformation possible, at all, until you figure out why you keep repeating the same experiences over and over.

In this episode of HeartDrivenTV I talk about what causes these patterns and three ways we can shrug them off for good!

Watch the video now.

Choose something in your life that you seem to keep coming back to the same place on.

Can you find one small – even laughable – thing to be thankful about in this pattern?

Now, how does the pattern start out? What’s the middle part of the pattern? And how does the pattern end?

What is one possible thing that could be keeping you in this holding pattern?

Sharing your insights to why your personal repetitive patterns happen is really life changing and gives me the opportunity to help you through them.

After you watch the video HERE, please leave me a comment on your biggest take away about shrugging off your patterns below the video.

I hope this episode was helpful! Have an awesome day 😉

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