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Self-Heal Sunday: What’s your definition?

Self-Heal Sunday - What’s your definition?

In the spirit of BIG change I thought we would talk about defining what that is for you? How do you define transformation?

In this episode of HeartDrivenTV we’re exploring how you define the change that you want in your life.

Watch the video now.

Let’s start with one thing you are trying to transform in your life right now… money, health, spiritual connection, a relationship.

Now take that one thing and see what you expectation of change is for it.

How do you define transformation in the context of what you are trying to change???

Are your expectations extraordinary or are they minimal?

Would you please leave me a comment and share with me a definition of transformation. It will be fun to see the different definitions 😉

I hope this episode was helpful and you have a great Sunday!

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