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Self-Heal Sunday: Transforming Your Relationships

What are your relationships like?

Do they make you happy, frustrated or are you just tired of the drama?

Relationships are central to your happiness and the way you chose to live every moment of your life.

Almost all negative emotional patterns and subconscious beliefs that drive your life are a result of a relationship to yourself, spirit, parents, money, or friends.

The way most of society deals with conflict in relationships is detrimental to our entire society. Think about the divorce rate being 50% or more and all the kids that spend time between two households.

Your relationships affect your entire community, and the planet for that matter.

In today’s Self-Heal Sunday, I share how most of our society responds to conflict in their relationships and how to transform your relationships by choosing a new way of connecting through conflict.

Do you do the typical blame – run – isolate pattern in your relationships?

I’d love for you to share where there is conflict in your relationships and how you may be rethinking that strategy in the comments here.

How do you think it will transform your relationships to respond differently?
What is your selfish reason for wanting better relationships?

Please Share in the comments below!

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