Are you still waiting to win the lotto, have a windfall of inheritance fall in your lap or otherwise have a massive influx of what you want to magically come to you?

I hate to break it to you, but if you are waiting for something like that to come into your life, that is part of your resistance to manifesting and having the life you desire.

In this episode of HeartDrivenTV, I help you move past your resistance and finally open to manifesting what you want.

Watch the video now.

What is that one thing that you’d rather not deal with that is probably seriously holding you back?


If you just said, “I don’t know”, you either still don’t want to bring it out into the open or you need to get someone to help you go exploring to find it. If you don’t know what that thing is, how can you change it?

Is your one thing a messy part of or your entire house? A car full of trash? A garage or attic filled with things you need to process and let go of a lot of?

OR is that one thing a pattern of behavior or emotion that you cling to? Or is it something you think is part of your personality and can’t part with?

It could literally be one of hundreds of things holding you back. What I want you to know about your one thing is that if you are unwilling to locate that one thing you need to move through, how on earth are you ever going to do the work to move through it?

How can you begin to open working on your one thing? And you can’t copy out of this question, because even if you are sitting in the “don’t know” still, you can come up with a way you could open to it.

After you watch the video HERE, please leave me a comment on your one thing blocking your manifestation. This also gives me a way to help you come up with more if you need help 😉


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