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Self-Heal Sunday: Good Vibrations (Episode 2)

If you’re hearing the Beach Boy’s song Good Vibrations in your head right now, you’ve just automatically raised your vibration!
This Sunday I want to share how your vibration affects every aspect of your happiness.

The idea that we are all vibrational beings can be found in lots of popular teachings like the movie, The Secret, Abraham-Hicks teachings and can be traced back to literally every indigenous culture. It may not be a mainstream idea yet, but we can’t deny what we innately know about ourselves.

We are vibration.

Every part of who you are has its own vibration that contributes to your overall vibration or energy.

I don’t want to lose anyone here, so I’ll go a step further with this. Everything in the Universe is made up of vibration that is constantly evolving, and you are too. From your words, to your organs, to your feelings to your mindset…. it’s all vibration.

If you can learn how to change your vibration, you can accomplish any change you want.

In today’s video, I talk about how our vibration affects our life and 3 ways you can change and raise your vibration.

How do you feel about your vibration?

I’d love for you to share how you feel about your current vibration and how that is showing up in your life in the comments below.

Also, do you meditate?
Do you reach for better thoughts and feelings?

How often do you create time for self-care?

Please Share in the comments below!

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