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Self-Heal Sunday: Get Happy

Self-Heal Sunday - Get Happy

This beautiful snowy morning I’m inviting you into my bedroom to come sit on my bed for a talk.

I want to ask you about your happiness.

Have a seat and watch the video.

So. Are you happy?

How do you feel about me asking this question? Do you get defensive, sad, angry?

I don’t mean to pry; I just know what it’s like to shuffle through your life in misery and I don’t want that for you.

I know that you if start asking the hard questions, you start moving toward where you want to be.

I know for sure that your happiness is the exponential factor to you creating the life you want to live. And I want to thrive and enjoy this life.

Before you go, I would love it if you would leave one actionable step you can do today to raise your level of happiness. Sharing what you can do to make yourself happy helps you to focus on it, as well as inspire others.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Sunday afternoon!

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