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Self-Heal Sunday: Brigid’s Secret to Manifestation

Self-Heal Sunday- Brigid’s Secret to Manifestation

Three words.

New. Years. Resolutions.

Have you intended to drastically change something in your life this year?

How is that going for you?

Statistics show that 98% of people completely abandon their New Year’s Resolutions by the third week in January.


  • Empty gyms
  • Full coffee houses
  • Restocking the pantry with junk food
  • Giving into that spending spree
  • Manifesting with just your will can’t hold out for long

In this week’s Self-Heal Sunday, I show you how to conjure Brigid’s secret to manifest what you want this year.

Watch it now.

If you’ve tried to change by using your will alone, how did it make you feel?
Did you get the results you wanted?

What comes up when you hear of Quantum Heart Manifestation? What’s the first objection that pops into your head?

Do you know the Goddess Brigid? You may want to Google her and get inspired 😉

Sometimes our mind wants to fight us, not only when we want to change, but also if we try anything out of the ordinary to change.

Think about this, doesn’t it sound more fun to raise your vibration, indulge in self-care and strengthen yourself to allow what you want instead of depriving yourself, making yourself do things and overriding your immediate desires?

I want to support you in getting what you want this year, so leave me a comment to let me know what big change you are working towards this year and one block you’ve come up againSecret Theater since you started your resolutions here.

Bright Brigid Blessing to you!

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