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Self-Heal Sunday: BEingness – Episode 5

Self-Heal Sunday BEingness Episode 5

Happy Sunday!

I never thought Sunday was going to get here. It’s been such a crazy week! Today is the last day of our County Fair that my kids are involved in. My kids spend all year working on projects and we all spend about a month getting ready for the County Fair, which teaches the kids so many life lessons and gives them hefty scholarships to college.

I notice a lot of the people at our County Fair are angry, frustrated and just not having things go their way, because they are not taking time to BE. My family is so successful because we notice the things that take us off track and away from being in the moment.

Today I talk about three things that can pull you away from being and how being can greatly increase your happiness, peace, and manifesting capabilities.

Go here and watch the video now.

What pulls you away from just BEing?

Do you notice times of your life where you are manifesting better and how do you think they relate to your BEingness?

Do you have time find to BE everyday?

You’ve watched the video, what are you going to do today to cultivate your BEingness???

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