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The Power Of Winter Solstice

The Power Of Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice!

On this day when the sun returns to us and illuminates your life, I wanted to give you some tips on how you can utilize the solstice energies.

In today’s Self-Heal Sunday HeartDrivenTV episode I give you three tools to use the winter solstice energies to help you kick off your best year ever!

Watch this now!

Do you balance your seriousness with play and allow your inner child to thrive?

How do you feel about surrender, sometimes you can have serious resistance to even the notion of surrender? How does it feel to you?

What are you dreaming up for the new year?

I hope this episode was helpful and if you want more support and guidance during this powerful time, this is your LAST Chance to join the Winter Solstice Power Circle – 21 Day Continuous Healing Experience at 94% off! If you want in, go to “work with me” and join right now! Our first call is tomorrow……see you there!

Talk to you soon 😉

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