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Notes From The Barn: Tripping Over Your Opportunities

Happy Friday!!!

SO, if you’re human, (ha-ha, we just watched Twilight, where that might be an interesting question), you have probably been in a situation in your life where you haven’t seen something coming – good or bad.

There’s so much in life we miss because we are focused so intensely on what we want. It’s like we have blinders on to what’s happening around us. Just because we don’t see how other opportunities or paths fit into what we want, doesn’t mean they’re not the very answer or path we are seeking.

You never know if meeting a certain person can potentially be a crucial connection you need.

Or if spending a little more time in the bookstore might turn you onto a teacher or method that changes your life.

Or if going through what feels like a hard time in your life, will help you be the person you need to be to change or save someone else’s life.

You can get so caught up in your plan that you forget that there is a much, much bigger plan for you and that you are part of it. There is an extreme amount of help on many levels for what you are doing, and sometimes it may not look like it is taking you in the direction you think you need to be going.

After all, who are any of us to say that the one path you see to what you want is the only one. I personally think the Universe gets a huge laugh about us thinking in this small, self-righteous way.

I know it’s hard sometimes, but you absolutely have to open up, connect with the help around you and be aware enough to spot the real opportunities in your life.

Here’s a video about how I didn’t see something coming and how not to miss the opportunities coming your way.

Now, take a moment and think about some missed opportunities.

Think about all the inspiring stories and movies of famous people who have shaped the world. How many of them crafted their own path? How many of them followed wherever the Universe took them?

Interesting to think about!

Leave me a comment below about an opportunity that popped up in your life that you didn’t see coming 😉

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