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Notes From The Barn: The Flip Side To Your Desires

Notes From The Barn The Flip Side To Your Desires

My family is deep into the County Fair right now. And as I’ve been crazily preparing, I realized that playing bigger in your life has a flip side and we can use that flip side to help us manifest a bigger life.

We didn’t decorate our market beef stalls, we didn’t do buyer thank you baskets, or stall plaques, or bring food to share with everyone…in short, living bigger makes me have more to do at Fair!

There is always a flip side, or negative consequence of what we want. If you want to find your life partner you’ll have to learn to compromise, if you want more money you might have to pay to have your taxes done, or if you want better health you might have to give up fast food. These things may seem uncomfortable and not what you want to focus on, but they really help us be in the realistic energy of the life we are creating.

If you can imagine having your taxes done or not eating fast food, change your manifesting energy to be believably real to your subconscious mind and grounds your desires at the same time.

Here’s a video about using the flip side of your desires to get everything you want!

After watching let me know what are some of the flip sides of your desires???

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