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Notes From The Barn: Feeling Abundant

Happy Friday!

I love talking about abundance…

What does abundance mean to you?

Today, in this big, expanding, full time of summer, I want you to think about getting into the habit of abundance.

This time of year it is easy to look around your life and see so many things to be thankful for. At times, the abundance in my life can bring me to tears.

Lots of you have an unconscious habit of hanging out in lack and putting your attention on scarcity. Focusing on what’s not in your life that you really want can create a black hole in your life. This includes worrying, being angry for the lack in your life and a defeated feeling of not being able to grasp your desires. This is like going through Dante’s levels of hell, you will only go deeper into what you don’t want and it will get worse as you go. If this sounds like something you are going through, start your habit of abundance with baby steps and watch your life transform before your eyes!

As your habit becomes more natural for you, the level of your feelings of abundance and gratitude will grow. The most amazing thing about a habit of abundance is that it is self-perpetuating – the deeper the level of abundance, the more you have, and the more you have, the more you are thankful for, and on and on.

Before you know it all the worry and frustration you used to feel is gone and you are feeling better and better.

Here’s a video about feeling your abundance and creating your own personal habit of abundance.

So, look around your life and find some things you can feel abundant about. It shouldn’t be too hard; we all have a multitude of things we can feel abundant for if we start looking for them.

Post a comment below and share with us at least 5 things that help you feel abundant in your life right now!

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