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Notes From The Barn: More On Conscious Competitive Drive

Notes From The Barn: More On Conscious Competitive Drive

Happy Friday!

If I was a different person, I might apologize for last week’s blog.

I really hit a nerve with some of you, so I decided to talk more about conscious competitive drive!

Yes, being competitive can be a positive part of raising your consciousness!!!

So, today I made you another video to talk about some of the deeper points I touched on last week, so you can understand me a little better and actually hear me on this one.
The beauty and consciousness in your competitive drive is linked to your heart and therefore your soul. Your competitive drive has the ability to push past your beliefs, your programing and really show you who you are.

I know it sounds crazy, and there was definitely a time in my life I would have argued the value of your competitive drive, but think about it. When someone is next to you on a machine at the gym or walking quickly past you at the mall or losing weight faster than you when you’re on a diet, you have a clearer perspective of where you are, because you have something to compare it to.

Watch the video here and I’ll talk to you after…

Can you see the importance and fuel that conscious competitive drive can give you?

When is the last time you have really felt a surge of accomplishment?

Do you see how much we grow by using our competitive drive, even in losing, in a positive way?

I personally never felt accomplishment or was aware of my real competitive drive until I started working with horses and ranching. That’s one of the awesome things that comes along with working with animals, as well as hard work – you can tangibly feel that sense of accomplishment and recognize the power of your competitive drive.

So, the next time you go for a walk, or garden, or bring in a ton of groceries, or have a successful party, pay attention to the way your competitive drive shows up and the feeling of accomplishment you have.

We’ll talk soon!

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