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Need-To-Know Power Point For Manifestation

Wouldn’t it be nice to want something and know how to start attracting it immediately???

If you know how to use that initial wanting energy that you naturally have, it speeds up your results.

In this week’s video I give you a need-to-know power point for manifestation that shows you how to use that first point of wanting to bring what you want into your life. And I share exactly how I manifested my new baby boy through this point.

Watch the video now.

Here are some steps to remember:

Start noticing when you want something (it’s a whole practice in itself!)

Take a moment to savor the feeling. It’s strongest and the most true emotion at this point.

Don’t think about what you want. Ask yourself if you really want it and allow your heart answer. You’re adding to the attraction here.

Then engage your mind and make a decision that you do want it. Make sure not to let a bunch of thoughts pile up on top of your decision, keep it fast and simple.

Try to remember that feeling. That feeling, free of all the thoughts you’re going to think about it, is a power point in manifestation and the best way to keep that attraction coming your way.

I’d love for you to think of a moment over the holidays where you had a moment of wanting something. Then you can share it with me in the comments.

I’ll put mine in the comments first. 😉

Love Always,

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P.S This is one of the power points in manifestation you can learn in a one-on-one manifesting session with me HERE.




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