“Love is the greatest transformational power in the Universe. Love yourself, love your life and love will open you to immeasurable possibilities.” ~ Shannon Van Den Berg

Today is Beltane, the ancient Earth Holiday of LOVE and EMBODIMENT.

For me Beltane brings to mind vibrant, flowing ribbons blowing in the spring breeze, Medieval Celtic music, the romance of Arthurian legends, and the first evening bonfires on the ranch. Pretty much all things romantic 😉

To celebrate, I made you a short video and special Beltane Singing Bowl Meditation to help you connect with self-love and really embody what you want.

This meditation is 5 minutes and is one you’ll want to listen to again and again. After all, who doesn’t need more love in their life?

Here’s the video

Here’s the meditation

“Love is the only thing that can transcend time and space.” ~ Interstellar Movie

Make sure to take some time today and show your loved ones how special they are to you.

Beltane Blessings 😉

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