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How to Succeed Even When You’re Unhappy

“When you want to Succeed as Bad as you want to Breathe, then you’ll be Successful.” – Eric Thomas

Read that one more time. That is one of the most powerful quotes to push you through when you are unhappy.

Today, I want to talk to you about an emotional pattern you may be in if you are unhappy, and how you can still succeed.

I call this emotional pattern, Filling Perceived Needs.  

When you are unhappy and stressed you tend to focus not on where you want to go, but on your everyday perceived needs. I say perceived needs, because these needs are really the things you want, the ones that you think are immediately possible with your limited funds and will make you a little happier. These perceived needs may alleviate some of the stress, but also keep you where you are and really distract you from focusing on your success.

Let me explain. If you are stressed and feeling pressure about not having enough money, you’ll have all these perceived needs that involve buying small things or doing things that make you less stressed and more comfortable.

When I was struggling with money for instance, I used to think I needed a Starbucks coffee every day. And for me this became a habit, where I though my happiness was tied to me going into town and buying a coffee. I’ve seen people do this with soda, fast food, T.V. shows, having to have certain foods, supplements, new clothes, and just about anything that ties into your sense of survival and happiness.

Do you do this? What is it that’s your perceived need?

So, the question is, how do we succeed even if we are unhappy and dealing with this pattern?

First, know that if you are trying to fill your real needs by focusing on your perceived needs, you are like a dog chasing its tail.  Do you think that Tom Cruise, Beyoncé, Will Smith or Jennifer Lopez got where they are today through filling their small perceived needs? Nope! They went without real needs like sleep and food to be successful. They pushed through and kept their attention on their goals and probably engaged in the next three practices.

Second, try to de-stress. Stress takes us into an alternative state of awareness through contraction. You have to find ways to de stress through meditation, energy work, support and fun that gives you a release and at least brings you to a neutral state of awareness – not contracting or expanding. Like when I was super stressed about money, we used to go down to the river in the heat of the summer afternoon and swim.  It didn’t cost anything, but it provided fun and helped with the stress. Stress can also affect your health, so deal with your stress.

Third, focus on gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! You’ll hear this over and over from me; because staying in gratitude counteracts all the stress and negative thinking you are in if you are unhappy. It is a potent way to balance the constrictive energy of stress since gratitude helps you expand.

Fourth, heal the root cause. Start with clearing and resetting your energy by meditating every day, at least once. Then if you are willing, work on your deeper emotional patterns that are causing your unhappiness. You’ll often start a snowball effect by working on these deeper patterns that will increase your happiness and make success with money, health and relationships much easier. Another thing that makes healing the root cause of your unhappiness easier is finding a coach to work with.

So if you want to succeed, even though you are unhappy right now, give up the need to have the things you think get you through the day and start doing the things you need to do to create your success!

And please leave me a comment below letting me know how these practices work for you;)

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