It’s the middle of April when most of us even in the mountains expect it to be drying up and getting warmer.

Not today. Today it snowed. And not just a little bit or a few flurries. It SNOWED.

(Sometimes I have to secretly love the snow because there are those who get super grumpy if they’re done with snow for the year or just plain don’t like it ever – sorry if you’re someone who could live without it forever!)

Snow makes some people crazy and invigorates some of us. But what I know for sure is that snow is inevitable if you live in the mountains and it can come any time of year – not joking it snowed on the 4th of July one year!

So why then is it resisted SO much? Because we like to be comfortable and some really like things to be predictable and stay the same.

Your flow of manifestation and energy in general is very much related to snow.

You see, you have to learn to stay open to the flow and embrace change no matter what.

If you resist snow or anything else for that matter – whether related to what you’re manifesting or not – you’re stopping the flow dead in its tracks. Literally.

Watch this to learn how you can better stay in the flow and embrace change to increase your manifestation.

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