Happy Halloween!

Today is a day of depth, a day of letting go and a day of remembrance.

I’m going Live around 3pm EST to chat more about Halloween and would love it if you would join me then.

Beyond the candy and costumes and trick-or-treating Halloween has its roots in the Celtic holiday of Samhain and All Hallows eve.

At Samhain our wise ancestors knew that the Veil between the physical and spirit worlds was thin and they leaned into the very powerful application of this time of year.

Being an agricultural society the harvest for the year – the one that would hopefully get them through winter – was over.

I love feeling into celebrations that have been around for thousands of years. Especially how we can use those holidays to connect, open ourselves and expand who we are.

So this Halloween, after you trick-or-treat with your littles – Wesley is being a cow and I’m going as a cowgirl – take a few minutes to deepen your connection practice with these questions:

What are you letting go of right now?

For me a big one right now is letting go of Wesley being an infant since he just turned one. I love the baby stage so I resist the toddler stage a bit, but it’s time for the bigger boy things he’s ready for. This includes a new car seat, eating more solid foods, napping on our bed instead of in my arms sometimes and new toys to explore.

What are you mourning is gone from your life?

I’m sure tears will come as I write this as it’s a fresh for me to share, but I’m mourning a friend who took his life two weeks ago. The memorial service was yesterday and it was absolutely heartbreaking (I’ll share more when I can keep it together better). I’m also mourning the animals we’ve lost on the ranch this year including a gelding that had my heart and a summer gone by that I couldn’t ride horses much because of baby and my body.

What are you holding on to that’s not yours to hold? As mamas we have a tendency to hold on to all kinds of stuff that is not necessarily our job to hold on to.

It’s hard, but for me I’m having to learn to let my teenage boys look after their own safety more and make some uncomfortable decisions. I really want to keep them safe and have them not do some of the things they want to do, but they’re all old enough, smart enough and well-guided enough to choose for themselves – and there you have it I’m still trying to convince myself!

Who are the ancestors and loved ones that may have messages for you? Remember sit in stillness for a few or meditate and ask if they have anything to tell you, tonight it’s easier than the rest of the year.

For me, it’s my maternal Grandmother Hildegard who raised me. She passed about five years ago and has been away, but a few weeks ago I noticed the scent of her perfume as I walked into my bathroom. She was close by and I opened the space to listen. Our ancestors and guides are so ready and willing to help us if we can just learn to listen.

Last question: What magic are you repressing/ignoring/avoiding in yourself?

We all do this, so I want to say first off – you are doing this in some way. **You have deeper magic than you may have even thought about before, but it’s there.** Soooooo, I’ve felt my magic since I can remember and not in a good way. SO for me, I always look for the ways that my magic can serve others including my own kids and family, my community and the planet. Just recently my biz coach suggested that I start teaching all-the-things I do and am and I’m about to start doing just that. My magic is about the new heart-centered, high-vibe, soulful, wealthy, have-it-all, feminine leadership and embodied motherhood/goddesshood/womanhood. SO much more to come on all this!

We’re about to light the pumpkins, get dressed up and head to town to trick-or-treat on 3rd Avenue – which is full of huge grandfather trees, victorian houses and our very festive local crowd where everyone pretty much decorates their homes and dresses up.

Before we, go meet me Live to hang out at 3pm EST.

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I’ll probably bring you along trick-or-treating for a spookier live later tonight so don’t forget to click to get notified when I’m live!

See you then!

Big Love,

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