Hi there 🙂 I’m so excited about this series of three Halloween Singing Bowl Meditations I just made for you!

Halloween is a deeply magickal and powerful time of year – one of my favorite.  The veil or separation between dimensions or worlds is very thin, enabling us to feel and communicate better with these other realms.  Our intuition is ramped up, as well as our survival mechanisms because of the deeper levels of energy movement.

This first Halloween Singing Bowl Meditation is to help prepare you for the energies around Halloween by grounding your energy and clearing anything in the way of your intuition.

Although grounding is often overlooked as a basic energetic practice it is profoundly important.  Just like an electrical current, if you are not grounded you can’t conduct energy.

When the Meditation starts you want to visualize a strong rope starting about three feet above your head, going down through the top of your head, all the way down the center of your body, down through your feet (or butt if you are sitting), and down, down, down into the Earth all the way to the very core anchoring your body to Earth (I like to visualize the core of the Earth as a big glowing Garnet crystal).

Breathe deeply and feel all the energy you don’t need anymore traveling down the “rope” and to the center of the Earth to be recycled.

I did this video and Meditation separately so you can listen to the Meditation a couple times a day.

The next Meditation will be on Energetic Protection!



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