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Here is the third part of the Halloween Singing Bowl Meditations on Listening Intuitively.

At sunset tonight, the powerful Earth holiday of Halloween or Samhain (pronounced sow-en) begins.  This ancient holiday combined with current planetary energy and amazing astrology allows us to really listen in to other realms.

I invite you to light a candle or jack-o-lantern and use these three Halloween Singing Bowls Meditations together this evening to try and listen in to guidance waiting for you from the spirit realms. First Ground, then Protect and then Listen.

Pick some topic you are working on right now to ask about.

Here are three examples of topics:

One of my dear friends who has a lot of family in an area constantly rocked by earthquakes wants to connect with her angels and ask them to help heal this region.

A mentoring client of mine wants to connect to the faerie and plant realms to further her work as an herbalist.

My sweet niece wants to meet her guardian angel.

This topic could also be a matter of life situation you are in, but whatever the topic, make sure it is positive and dear to you heart.

Then, use the first meditation of this series to ground/clear your energy and the second meditation to protect yourself.

Next, use the third meditation to open the “air ways”, so to speak, to the spiritual realm you are wanting to connect with and then continue the meditation for as long as you like.

Remember the answers we listen for come in many different ways.  Sometimes the answers sink into our subconscious where we just wake up knowing them, realize them while meditating or daydreaming, they show up in our dreams, as symbols in our life or just sound like a far away friend talking to us.

Halloween blessings to you:) Talk to you soon!

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