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Halloween Singing Bowl Meditation Part 2

Hello again!

Here’s the second Halloween Singing Bowl Meditation I’ve made for you. This meditation is on Energetic Protection.

If you ever have had the feeling that something else is in the room with you when you were alone, or have seen or heard something you couldn’t explain; or had a terrible nightmare that really scared you, then this Energetic Protection Meditation and visualization can help!

You’ll notice in the intro video the picture quality is a bit poor, but the sun beams are amazing so I’m letting you see them anyways! Also, in the meditation video you’ll hear a little of our windy Colorado fall.

Energetic Protection is important during this Halloween time of year when powerful spiritual energies are afoot and are increasing drastically after the two eclipses we’ve just had, and the Full Moon next week.

Our ancestors carved apples, turnips and other veggies to ward off poor intentioned spirits from visiting their homes on Halloween night. The tradition continues with the carving of Jack-o-lanterns, and in our house we continue ancient tradition by leaving them burning from dusk till dawn on Halloween.

This second Halloween Singing Bowl Meditation works great with the Tower of Light Protection Visualization, which I’ve written out for you below.

This visualization gets easier and better the more you use it – to start off, try using it once a day when you wake up in the morning.

Tower of Light Visualization

First, breathe deeply and relax your body.

Second, stand up straight (standing is best for this) and feel the energy in your heart chakra expand out till it makes a big egg or sphere around you about three feet from your body in all directions. See the edges of the sphere being bright, glowing blue.

Third, visualize a small (about the size of a soccer ball) globe of brilliant, intense white light above your head. Let the glowing, lightening like, white light glow even more intense.

Fourth, from the white glowing ball of light above your head, see silvery, glitter like white light cascade down over your entire body until the entire blue lined sphere around you is completely filled.

Fifth, hold this image for a few minutes and then slowly take your attention away, leaving the protective sphere in place.

*The more often and deeper feeling you put into this visualization the better it will work for you and the easier it will be if you need to use it under pressure.*

Enjoy the meditation and I will talk to you tomorrow!


P.S. I want to share these meditations to help as many people as possible, do you think you could help me by sharing these videos? Thank you!

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