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Notes From The Barn: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Notes From The Barn - Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Having good boundaries is essential to being able to operate at a higher level and for your self-healing.

How can you possibly live a heart driven life and make conscious choices, if you always have someone else’s energy or influences interfering?

The answer is you can’t.

You absolutely have to have good boundaries.

A lot of spiritually inclined people think that boundaries limit you, or shouldn’t be necessary with a certain level of elevated consciousness.

SO, SO untrue!

Boundaries help you connect deeper to yourself, other people and the world around you.

They help you to have more awareness of different energies and be able to choose to enter into your relationships. Believe me, you want to make those choices yourself.

In today’s video I share a story about how not having good physical boundaries had some unexpected consequences, and how you can tell if you have good boundaries.

How strong do you think your boundaries are?

Do other people easily push your buttons?

Do you feel ok saying “no” to people?

How do you feel about your loved ones boundaries with you?

Let me know how you feel about your boundaries in the comments.

I hope this video was helpful and I look forward to talking to you soon 🙂

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