Love is definitely in the air this month with the hearts and balloons and flowers, and teddy bears and chocolate – especially the chocolate!

But are you feeling the love?

First, the earth-holiday Imbolc, where the Goddess Brigid reignited your inner fire, St. Valentine’s Day focuses on romantic love and yesterday’s New Moon, where the sun and moon are both moving into the sign of Pisces, the “love junkie” as Astrologer Chani Nicholas says. But what I’m hearing from a lot of you is you’re not feeling the love.

Love is one of the most motivating, most inspiring, most powerful forces we know.

Love is the bottom line for me.

If I don’t love what I’m doing, the people I’m with or what’s happening, I change it. I have to love my life and you should too. Being in love with your life allows you to vibrate at a higher level, manifest what you want faster, be in the flow, and feel like a million bucks.

Think about a time in your life when you were in love. Remember how amazing it felt? How you felt like you could conquer the world and then have enough energy to do it all again?

Love opens you up and makes you shine. With love, everything looks better and brighter, everything is easier.

Many of you are about to call bulls*it on me, because you’re wondering how in the world you could ever love everything about your life.

How could you go from where you are right this minute to being able to fall head-over-heels in love with your life, right?

The place you have to start is actually feeling the love and now’s the time to do just that!

I’m going to let you in on a secret that may be hard to believe: In order to feel the love, you have to BE LOVE.

Not all of us are brought up with great examples of what love is. Sometimes we have a bunch of emotional stuff piled on top of what we think love is. I firmly believe that’s why the divorce rate is sky high and so much of the population is miserable and searching for that thing that makes them feel better. But do you have to dig through it all to be in love? NO!

No matter your past experiences with love, you, as a multifaceted being ARE love, plain and simple. You don’t have to look outside yourself or wait until someone loves you. YOU ARE LOVE.

You may not be aware of it, or you may have buried it in that heap of “stuff” I was just talking about, but it’s there. The Universe is waiting for you to be who you really are… love.

Start with saying it, “I AM LOVE”. Them move on to “I LOVE ME”. It may sound super simple and a little uncomfortable. You may not believe it at first. Just try saying this and let these phrases sink in.

When they feel good, go a bit deeper and really focus on allowing yourself to be love and show love towards yourself. This could look like making space for some indulgent self-care: shifting your self-talk to be more supportive and solution oriented; honoring what your preferences are, no matter how small, asking yourself what it is you really like, or writing yourself a love letter.

You loving you and being the love filled being you are, helps you stay in the vibration of feeling love and that is what has the power to transform your life and the planet. It’s the huge secret to create the life you want with more money, better health, closer relationships and deeper spirituality.

The secret to feeling the love is that you are love. You are. Just start within yourself, believe in love and your life will change completely. Imagine what it would be like if everyone recognized that they were love, felt loving and were absolutely in love with their life.

You are love. Feel the love. Fall in love with your life.

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