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Self-Heal Sunday: Doing the Emotional Dirty Work to Get What You Want

It definitely takes courage to dig into the emotional work you need to do to get what you want.

So, look it in the face, be uncomfortable for a bit and do it!

In this episode of HeartDrivenTV I talk about emotional patterns and the deep work you need to do to release the breaks and start living the life you want.

Watch the video now.

Are you willing to do the dirty work to get what you want?

Did you feel resistance to that question???

Your level of resistance is a great mirror of your willingness and ability to process your emotions. Pay attention to that.

Can you accept that there are some patterns that need thanked and ushered out the door so you bring what you want in?

I know this is not a glam subject, but if you really want change, you have to do the work!

After you watch the video above please leave me a comment on your biggest emotional reaction to doing the work below the video. Leaving a comment is a way for you to share and is part of the work.

I hope this episode is helpful! Talk to you soon 😉

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