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Self-Heal Sunday: Taking Care Of YOU During The Holidays

Self-Heal Sunday - Taking Care Of YOU During The Holidays

How do you feel during the holidays?

Like a marathoner trying to get to the finish line?
– or –
like a strongman trying to set a record pulling a car with his teeth?
– or –
like the God Atlas carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

As a mom and wife I think these are important questions to ask as we count down the days to Christmas.

I used to take on a literal mountain of tasks to complete for the holidays to make my loved ones and friends happy. Then I realized that what I was really doing was making myself miserable, sometimes physically sick and emotionally exhausted. Christmas was no longer a time of magic and wonder, but a deadline that was exasperating.

The holidays are supposed to be FUN, HAPPY and BLISSFUL! Believe me, your family would rather have you happy and present with them, than running around completing tasks.

In this week’s Self-Heal Sunday, I talk about how to take care of you so you can enjoy the holidays!
Watch it now.

What feelings of “but I have to”, did this video bring up for you?

Are there things you can simplify or not do to lessen your holiday “to dos”?

Do your Christmas gifts, parties, cards and traditions have meaning in your life and are they fun?

What was something fun you remember about Christmas when you were a child?

What would the month of December be like if your first priority was to have fun and take care of you?

I hope this video helped make your holidays better!

P.S. If you would like to dive deeper into your happiness, enjoyment and self-care join my Winter Solstice Power Circle: 21 Day Continuous Healing Intensive with over 500 hours of healing normally $1400, now only $97 HERE.

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