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Self-Heal Sunday: Directing Your Focus to Heal

It definitely takes courage to dig into the emotional work you need to do to get what you want.

So, look it in the face, be uncomfortable for a bit and do it!

In this episode of HeartDrivenTV I talk about emotional patterns and the deep work you need to do to release the breaks and start living the life you want.

Watch the video now.

What do you need to work on to make your life better right now? (And don’t give me a broad answer that there is no real solution for right now.)

Now take that thing – money, happiness, spirituality, sleep, some other health issue, weight loss, relationships, unworthiness – and brainstorm some ways you COULD – not necessarily have to use – make that thing better.

Mull it around a bit and see if focusing on a solution will bring up some more ways to work on it or get help if you can’t come up with anything.

Now keep your eyes open to pathways that come into your awareness and start acting on at least one solution!

After you watch the video please leave a comment below on some of the solutions you came up with to heal what you need to work on. This also gives me a way to help you come up with more 😉

Happy to help! Talk to you soon 😉

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