Creating a Soul Mama Morning Ritual helps you set up your day to be more present in every moment.

Being more present makes your life feel better.

It will allow you connect deeper with yourself, family and Source.

When you’re present you have a greater attraction point for manifesting what you desire.

In this week’s video I share how you can easily increase your presence and create your own Soul Mama Morning Ritual.

Watch this week’s vlog HERE.

Being present starts with your Soul Mama Morning Ritual that will influence how present you are the rest of the day.

Make sure your Soul Mama Morning Ritual includes:

• Movement
• Meditation/prayer
• Nature
• Something that nourishes you

You’ll start to notice the difference that your Soul Mama Morning Ritual has in your life right away.

You’ll feel better, calmer, able to handle more, stress less, sleep better and all this in addition to being more present.

I know being a mama takes all you have, so take time to ground and center yourself in your Soul Mama Morning Ritual so you can give to yourself and have more to give.

Let me know what your Soul Mama Morning Ritual is in the comments below.

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