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Back-To-School Self-Care Ritual (and the recipe to make a yummy scrub)

Notebooks, pencils, school books and planners piled up on my kitchen table can only mean one thing, it’s time to homeschool again!

My kids are back to homeschooling as of last Monday which means my world gets a little busier. Another thing on the list means that there’s less time for me, which on a ranch with 3 teenagers, a teething baby, 3 businesses and lots of livestock basically converts to zero time for me.

I know from years and years of putting myself dead last that it feels terrible when your needs aren’t met, worse yet you have so much less of yourself to give to your family.

And worse yet, if you are running on empty and stressed, you’re far from the vibe that will help you manifest all that you want.

About 5 years ago, I started doing a nightly ritual to fill my own cup, so I could keep doing and being everything my family needed and keep my vibe high. IT’s easy and inexpensive, but it feels good to take a couple minutes out of your day to care for yourself.

Ill even go so far as to say that this ritual has helped keep me centered, sane and all the good things coming my way. I realized how important it was to me after I skipped a couple nights after having my last baby. The third night I started a routine of my husband watching my little one for the few minutes I needed to do it. To be clear, it was like super fast when I had a newborn waiting for me, but I still did it.

Taking these few minutes for yourself helps to ground you, cleanse your entire body and energy field, connect you to your body awareness and give you a mini break – which I’ve found makes a world of difference for me. Most of all it gives you a chance to reset your vibe and raise it up again after a hectic day.

I have a treasure trove of recipes I perfected when I had my first herbal store years and years ago. You may not know this about me, but my first business venture an was herbal body care and apocathary. I’ve long since sold the business, but Id love to share one of the recipies with you.

My ritual is to take a hot shower with a salt and oil scrub right before bed. I start by jumping in the shower and getting wet. I then take the scrub and go over every inch of my body. I wash and condition my hair and then I wash normally. This exfoliates your skin, helps you detox and leaves your skin feeling soft.

There’s something very luxurious about oiled skin and hot water, oh, and of course the essential oils which can help prepare you for bed too. And I also find that this is time saving in that I don’t have to put on lotion after showering.

If you have super dry skin or want to pamper your skin more, don’t wash the oils off. When I do this about once a week, I wash before using the scrub. I love, love, l0ve the way my skin feels afterwards.

Here’s the recipe I use:

1 cup salt (you can use regular table salt or any kind of fine salt. I love to use pink Himalayan salt)

1 cup oil (again you can use vegetable or canola oil or any oil really. I love apricot oil with some jojoba oil in it.)

10 drops essential oils of choice (ylang ylang oil alone is a great all around oil)

Mix together in a glass jar – I use 2 cup wide mouth mason jars.

Light a candle in your bathroom, shower with the scrub and let your mind relax into what you are doing instead of all the things you need to do.

I hope this helps you relax and reboot.

Big Love,

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