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Abundance Singing Bowl Meditation Series: What’s Your Harvest?

Abundance Singing Bowl Meditation Series: What’s Your Harvest?

Happy Lughnasadh!

Today I made you a video about sowing and harvesting what you want to create in your life.

Before I go on I want to share this beautiful Lughnasadh poem with you by Poppy Palin: 

My simple wooden cup is full,
And Love is spilling over,
I cup my hands to receive grace,
I am in clover.
Let thoughts of joy take swallow’s wings,
Let all perceive them,
May they touch upon those in most need,
Let them receive them.
Sweet as hay, golden as corn,
Beauty shared, joy be reborn! 

Lughnasadh is a harvest festival celebrated by most ancient cultures, although it has had different names. Harvest, or taking in what you have planted and cared for is a great analogy for how you create or don’t create in your life.

What is it you are wanting to create?

Do you plant and care for the things that will help you grow those things you’re wanting?

You wouldn’t walk out to your garden and expect to see plants you didn’t put in the ground, so why then do you expect the things you want in your life to just appear out of nowhere?

Keep these questions in mind when you watch the video and then listen to the Singing Bowl Meditation!

Click Here to Listen to the Abundance Meditation

So, after watching the video, can you look back to the spring and see some things you “planted” that are showing up in your life now?

If you are not “planting” new ways of being, thinking or changing, how do you think the life you love will come to you?

Let me know how you are “harvesting” what you “planted” in the comments BELOW.

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