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Abundance Singing Bowl Meditation Series: Shadow of Abundance

Abundance Singing Bowl Meditation Series: Shadow of Abundance

Happy Lughnasadh!

When you think about abundance, most of the time you’re thinking about positive things and having more than enough.

I bet you have an abundance of lessons – that may not be totally positive – and it’s important to realize how transformative those lessons can be. These lessons are very much part of your abundance and your growth.

If you don’t learn to see these lessons and experiences as part of your abundance, and something to be thankful for, it’s difficult to learn the lessons completely and let the lesson go when you have learned from it.

And, you need these lessons to grow, expand and transform your life to have everything you want.

Watch the video and then listen to the Singing Bowl Meditation!

Click Here to Listen to the Meditation

How do you feel about the shadow side of abundance?

Do you find it hard to have gratitude or feel abundance for the more difficult times in your life?

Please share a lesson that is part of your abundance with me in the comments below

Tune in for the third video and meditation tomorrow!

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