Have you been trying for what seems like forever to change your finances and not seeing the results you want? 

Are you tired of struggling with money and not having enough?

I totally know how you feel! So here it is, simple and to the point!

For years and years I read and listened to hundreds of books and programs about changing your money mindset… but nothing really changed until I learned these 5 keys:

1. Know where you are. Yes, sit down and take stock of where you really are financially. I know it might be the last thing you what to do, but this step is SO important. How can you start to change your money situation without knowing where you’re starting? It might be worse than you’ve been willing to admit. But until you look at where you really are, and find some level of acceptance, you won’t be able to change anything. So, take a good look at what your money situation is, and get ready to move on. 

2. Make a commitment to changing your money mindset and recommit as often as needed. After you see where you are starting from money wise, make a commitment that you are going to change your money mindset – write it down, make it part of your goals and desires, start taking action every day. If you lose focus, just recommit. Staying committed takes more than making New Year’s resolutions, make sure that every month, and every quarter of the year you are committed to what you really want.

3. Know what you want and why you want it. This is a super overlooked step of getting what you want. You have to know exactly what you want, not what the American dream is or what your family wants for you – what you want financially and why you want it. It doesn’t matter how big or small your money goals are and how stupid or petty you view your why. Your what and why are the only things that can really fuel changing your money mindset.

4. Find a good coach to work with for at least a year. You have probably heard me talk about this before, but a good coach is invaluable to changing your money mindset. Yes, when I was really struggling with money I thought it was counter intuitive to pay someone else to help me. For years I did everything I could without a coach thinking I could figure how to increase my money flow myself, and I did, a little bit. I didn’t even know how I was going to continue to pay my coach when I hired her, but she was one of the BIG keys to me changing my money mindset quickly.

5. Take action every day. You have to take ACTION! It doesn’t matter how much you read and study how to change your mindset, if you don’t take action, nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing will change. Yes, if you bombard yourself with information, some of it will creep into your subconscious. But if you want real change to show up in your life, you must take action.

So, I encourage you to take five minutes right now and make a plan to implement these 5 keys to changing your money mindset into your life in the next week so you can start making more money.

Really, sit down and figure out where you are, make a commitment, get your what and why onto paper, begin looking for a great coach and start taking action each and every single day; and the money will start flowing in 😉

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