Many times throughout my day I look at my one year old little one, Wesley with gratitude and emotion running over. I almost come to tears when I say, “Thank you for letting me be your mama.”

I sometimes get choked up with gratitude as I watch my three teenage boys do simple stuff like work their cows because I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to raise them into amazing, capable young men that are changing the world already.

I smile my gratitude for every time my husband slips in hand in mine whether we’re outside watching the horses at home for in town. I’m so thankful that we found each other and we have grown together and created our family and life together.

I love going outside every night for a few minutes to reconnect with the endless number of stars and moon at the end of the day, and always feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being here on the planet at this time and being who I am – able to serve, have the life I have and feel so loved and supported by those on both sides of the veil.

There are a million things to be thankful for everyday no matter what your life is like right now.

Gratitude gives rise to more gratitude.

Gratitude definitely gives rise to more manifestation.

But, how do you really *feel* gratitude?

Are you able to say the words of gratitude but not be able to feel it?

If you can just find one little thing to be grateful for the next thing to be grateful for will be easier to find and feel.

When I first saw the Secret I was lost about how I could possibly find gratitude for anything in my life because my life was such a struggle and so far from what I wanted it to be.

I knew that I could say that I was grateful, but feeling it was the issue. I just couldn’t connect with that feeling of gratitude and I knew that’s where the magic was especially when it came to manifestation.

I started listening to Joe Vitale and his story of how he found gratitude for his pencil hit me perfectly.

He said he felt grateful for his pencil because it enabled him to write a suicide note or the next best selling novel. As soon as he felt that gratitude he could immediately be thankful for the pencil which gave him the power to erase.

Gratitude is part of the Quantum Heart Manifestation Core Process “Become” because it super-charges whatever you are trying to manifest.

If you’re not manifesting what you want, you need to deepen how you feel gratitude.

Here’s 4 steps to deepen your gratitude right now:

1. Start with something little to be thankful for. When my world was seriously not what I wanted it to be, I started with being grateful for my kids, my husband and my garden.

2. Feel into it. Don’t just say you have gratitude – take whatever it is you chose, say your garden and think about all the ways you are thankful for it. Then try to feel into it more and think of more ways you have gratitude for your garden and feel into that.

3. When you’ve deepened the feeling as far as you can, marinate in it for 5 minutes. Smile, breathe, connect to the earth and just be with that feeling of gratitude. Feelings are easily remembered so you want to give yourself time to really sit with the feeling of gratitude.

4. Everytime you think of that thing, smile and tap into that gratitude.

The more you do these steps, the easier and more your gratitude in general will be – which means the better your manifesting will go.

This is the perfect week to start using these 4 steps, don’t wait, gratitude is part of raising your vibe, great relationships and manifesting what you want.

Comment below what you are going to be grateful for this week.

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