This is the perfect day to set new intentions for manifesting.

We just had a crazy powerful new moon eclipse in Leo that is rattling every ones cage, even those who normally don’t notice it.

So if you had a rough couple of weeks and you’re questioning lots of stuff in your life right now, you’ve been feeling the effects of this eclipse.

You see, this eclipse is not only an auspicious beginning to manifest your high vibe wealthy life you want so badly, but it’s a deep resounding wake up call.

It’s the Universe sounding your inner soul alarm clock. Literally.

Our planet is changing rapidly and you are here to rise up and be the face of this beautiful change.

Whether you’ve been ignoring the urge to learn more about healing, wanting to finally have the money breakthrough that you want or just know there is more and you want more, now is the time.

You are here to have it all, experience everything you desire, grow, love, be and become who you truly are so you can change the world.

What are you waiting for?

In honor of you and this powerful eclipse I’ve decided to give you a leg up.

I call it the 100 Quantum Heart Manifestors Project and it’s totally FREE for you.

I’m offering this chance to have private Wealth Manifestation Pow-wow with me because I want to help you.

I spent a lot – most of my adult life – waiting and wanting and it sucked.

My intention is to help 100 of you get past where you are and start bringing what you want into your life.

You can choose your time to talk with me one on one HERE.

Don’t be shy.

Please don’t wait.

I know what is possible for you and I want to help you get the things you desire.

Here’s the link again.

I can’t wait to talk to you and watch you take off and soar.

Much love.

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